Using your Smart Phone Web Browser click on the graphic below then save the url as an Icon on your desktop! Done!

You can get all the coolness of Brewer’s on your Smart Phone simply by saving our Mobile Link to the desktop of your Smart Phone, without having to download or continually update another “me too” app. Most importantly, you’ll never be disappointed with out-dated information. When we tap a new keg or place new bottles in the cooler, our Tap and Bottle Lists are updated on the fly. If you point out an issue where we’re serving a beer that’s not reflected on our Tap or Bottle List, we’ll buy you a pint of Pinglehead (our best selling Red Ale)! It’s just that simple.

You’ll also notice that we link beer in the Tap and Bottle Lists to Beer Advocate’s web site so you can see what others think of that particular beer. Life’s too short to drink bad beer, so we want to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Smart Phones don’t need apps to do cool stuff, so taking advantage of yet another Smart Phone feature, go to the bottom of any Brewer’s Mobile Page and you will see our phone number is a link. All you do is click the link to call us. How smart is that!

Using your Smart Phone’s web browser, just go to our Mobile Link, then save the link to your desktop, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on everything that’s happening!

Drink Responsibly, and Cheers!

The Brewer’s Crew