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It’s not just about the beer, although that’s a great reason to stop in. It’s about the best pizza you’ll probably ever have. It starts with our beer-dough crust with just the right amount of our incredible sauce, time-tested by none other than Mamaw Brewer herself, topped with the freshest ingredients and our blend of spices like no other, and carefully baked to perfection, just for you! Each pie is a masterpiece in its own right.

For something extra special, try Brewer’s flagship pan pizza, “The Florida Smacker”. Every morning we get up before the chickens to make our beer dough, working it into the corners of Brewer’s special pans so our crust will rise to the moon just for you. When we bake these delectable masterpieces, the vertical sides and square corners of our pans create a unique crunchy crust all around. “The Florida Smacker” will soon be your favorite pizza.

Even though you can enjoy one in 15 minutes, they take much of the day to make, but we think you’ll agree it’s worth the time and effort.

Brewer’s also has excellent round pizza pies, “The Bigg’n Calzone”, fall’n off the plate big, and so good you’ll insist on a “to-go” box….. some of the biggest and best chicken wings in town……. not fried, but cooked to perfection in Mamaw’s own special sauces in our convection ovens to get the fat out and keep the flavor in. Some of the newest things to be introduced includes Mamaw’s Wurst Beer Cheese Soup, OP Backdraft Chili (Cincinnati Style) and Gator Tail Burgoo, all served in a Guido-approved bread bowl. The Gator Tail Burgoo is already a Best Seller. We also haveĀ a great selection of fresh, delectable salads and breads. Wow! The food is sure to keep you coming back, but the beer, the service, and all the great friends you are sure to meet will too!